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Do you know that you can achieve a big goal one step at at time?

Using my proven step-by-step system Make It Fly! I teach you how to:

  • Get clear about what you want and figure out where to start
  • Develop your own approach and plan for getting to your goal and embed it into your daily life
  • Deal with your fears, lack of confidence and other hang-ups
  • Stay motivated until you get what you want

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How good are you at making decisions?

Do you make decisions easily or is it a struggle?  Either could hinder you getting to your dream in the long run.  Being good at decisions is key to achieving what you want in life.  And not just making any old decision but actually making a good one.  But how do you get good at making decisions and how do you know they are the right ones?  Here are 5 things to consider when it comes to making a choice.

1. Making Decisions Involves Risk

You just have to accept that making a decision carries with it an element of risk.  That’s […]

November 5th, 2014|0 Comments

Procrastination: 3 Questions To Ask

Motivation is the fuel behind your dream and procrastination its killer.  So why do you sometimes find that you just can’t bring yourself to complete important tasks?

You know that doing a particular job would move your dream forward yet, you don’t do anything.  I”m no different and this happened to me very recently and asking myself the questions below was quite revealing!

So here are the 3 questions to ask if you want to understand how your ‘task’ or ‘goal’ motivation works.

1. Can I succeed?

Whether we do this consciously or unconsciously, the first question we ask ourselves when faced with a […]

June 18th, 2014|2 Comments

Why it’s hard to achieve when you don’t feel good

I’ve just traveled back from Canada and I’m very jet lagged.  So I feel tired, drained and low on drive to do anything.  I’m also quite demotivated.  So much that I’m reconsidering some of my goals.  Not a good idea.  Here’s why.

1.  Lack of sleep means lack of energy and motivation

I’m tired so I’m not that keen to take action.  All I want to do is sit down in front of the TV and go to bed really early.  I haven’t got much energy.  In fact, I feel drained.   So it’s really hard to motivate myself to work on […]

June 10th, 2014|0 Comments
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